DO THIS to Achieve your 12 Month Goal – for Life Coaches

Are you doing any of these common mistakes that stop coaches from making their 12-month goals inevitable?⁣

👎🏻 Bounce from one strategy or plan to the next⁣

👎🏻 Sporadically take action towards your goal⁣

👎🏻 Tell yourself this is never going to work for you and it’s too hard⁣

Don’t be mad at yourself if you see yourself in any of these mistakes, it’s so common and human.⁣

(Most of my clients come to me doing all three and they are currently killing it at their goals and you can do that too 🙌)⁣

Instead of the above focus on keeping things SIMPLE.⁣

When things are simple there is a much higher likelihood that you will follow through and make progress forward.⁣

When you “go off plan” be curious as to why you did and plan to make changes in the future ⁣

You will certainly have setbacks and “failures”. ⁣

What sets most coaches back is that they don’t plan on that happening OR they make it mean they will never succeed (which is total BS) and then they stop themselves from moving forward.⁣

Finally, practice telling yourself on PURPOSE what you want to believe about yourself and your goals. ⁣

Don’t let your unintentional thinking run the show because it will for sure not allow you to make your goals a reality.  ⁣

Instead, be intentional and choose what you want to believe about yourself as a coach, business owner, and person on purpose. ⁣

Achieving your 12-month goals truly can be simple and fun. ⁣

If you want to go from making those three mistakes to killing it at your goals then schedule a call with me.⁣

We will talk about what’s holding you back from achieving your 12-month goals, what is possible for you in the next 12 months, and what it looks like to work together.⁣

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