How to use your Intuition when you Coach your Clients

Do you want to step into more of your coach intuition? ⁣

In order to do that, you first need to know what blocks you from your coaching intuition. ⁣

The number one thing that I think blocks you is feeling nervous, anxious, and/or self-doubt. ⁣

So how do you feel less nervous anxious or self-doubt? ⁣

We need to understand where those feelings are coming from in the first place.⁣

Are you thinking that you’re not a good enough coach? ⁣

Are you thinking that maybe you’re not helping your client? ⁣

Are you not sure what to ask next?⁣

Ask yourself what creates those feelings for you in your coaching session and then go to work questioning them and dismantling them. ⁣

For me- stepping into my coach intuition comes from feeling genuine curiosity, self-confidence, and presence. ⁣

The feelings that have YOU stepping into YOUR coach intuition might be different.⁣

You have to check in with yourself. ⁣

But this is something that I help my clients discover for themselves, along with dismantling the beliefs creating the nervousness, anxiety, and self-doubt. ⁣

If you want help discovering what that is and learn how to actually practice stepping into your coach intuition in your coaching then schedule a free consultation with me. ⁣

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