The 3 Most Common Mistakes Stopping Life Coaches From Getting Fully Booked

What gets in the way of coaches achieving their 12-month goals VS. what they actually need to do to make their 12-month goals inevitable 👇🏻⁣

What gets in the way…⁣

❌You keep trying new things instead of sticking with one plan and strategy and getting really good at it⁣

❌You are constantly starting and stopping taking action towards your goal- (This is what I call the start/stop goal cycle)⁣

❌You are super excited at the beginning, don’t make any plans for when things “don’t go to plan” then get distracted with “life” and totally forget about your 12-month goal⁣

What you actually need to do…⁣

✅ Put in the time to get super specific on your goal, why you want it, and create a simple plan ⁣

✅ Notice when you are going off track and are curious why so you can be aware of it in the future⁣

✅Reframe your thoughts to create emotions that will keep you taking actions toward your goal (having help with this is the #1 benefit you get from having a coach) ⁣

✅Evaluate your process, celebrate what’s working and how to make changes moving forward ⁣

✅Rinse and repeat ⁣

Let me help you stop sabotaging your 12 month goals by ending the start stop cycle that never leads to the results you want.⁣
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