Hey Coach- Are you telling yourself that there’s a specific way you’re supposed to self-coach?

Are you telling yourself that there’s a specific way you’re supposed to self-coach or what it’s supposed to look like? ⁣

I’ve been coaching coaches for years now. ⁣

And something we often talk about is their own self-coaching practice. ⁣

What clients tell me is that their self-coaching typically looks like writing down their thoughts and if they’re a Life Coach School coach it’s using the model and coaching themselves using that tool. ⁣

What I often hear from these coaches is that they think there is a right way to self-coach. ⁣

I’m gonna tell you a secret 🤫 there isn’t a right way to do it. ⁣

Self-coaching can be so different from person to person and even from day to day. ⁣

If you are someone who questions if you’re doing self-coaching right then please try this ⬇️⁣

Some of my favorite questions to ask before self-coaching are: ⁣

What is the purpose of myself coaching today? ⁣

What do I want to get out of it? ⁣

Then I decide what process or what tools are going to be the best for me to do that. ⁣

And I give myself permission to trust my intuition and that’s the perfect thing for me to do today. ⁣

When you put all this pressure on yourself that you need to do it right or question if you’re doing it right then it’s for sure going to make it less fun and you’re probably going to want to avoid it and not do it. ⁣

Let’s skip all that nonsense make it fun and use that as a practice to start trusting your own coaching intuition.⁣

Building your coaching intuition is something that I help my clients do in my one-to-one coaching practice where I work with coaches. ⁣

If this is something that you want to do for yourself to step into more of who you are as a coach then book a free consultation with me. ⁣

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