Grow Your Coaching Business with Small Doable Steps

If you haven’t been able to achieve your goals and feel exhausted trying to achieve them then you might be making this mistake ⬇️⁣

The biggest mistake I see coaches make when they are trying to achieve their goals is planning to do too much too soon.⁣

They over plan, aren’t able to follow through, beat themselves up for it, quit and then tell themselves they just cant do it. 😣⁣

Thats a total lie, they can do it and you can too.⁣

But you have to stop setting yourself up for failure from the beginning.⁣

Start with SMALL-DO ABLE steps that will help you move towards your goal.⁣

Small doable steps are sustainable.⁣

Massive goals are achieved by thousands of small doable steps.⁣

We over estimate what we can do in a shorter period of time and under estimate what we can do over a longer period of time.⁣

This is the work I help coaches do to achieve thier massive goals. ⁣

Schedule a free consultation with me to decide what your massive goal is and what small and doable steps you need to take to get there.⁣

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