Solution Focused Questions

I bet you don’t really think twice about the type of questions you ask yourself each day.
You might not even realize that there are different types of questions
Questions make a BIG difference, depending on how they are worded.

Our brains automatically want to ask problem-focused questions.
It wants to tell us
we can’t do things…
we don’t know how…
and that it’s going to be WAY too hard!

We stop ourselves before we even start with this line of thinking.

BUT we have the capability of changing those questions.
We might not be able to change the first question that our brain gives to us because it’s unconscious.
WE DO have the capability of changing the second question
We can choose to create solution-focused questions instead

In the future try:
How can I figure out to …?
How can I learn how to …?
If I knew how to do … what would I do?

Change your questions.. change your life ❓❓❓

During coaching sessions with my clients, I teach and help them train their brains to be more solution focused.

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