Make Getting Fully Booked As a Life Coach Inevitable⁣

Most coaches are missing the most important step to make achieving their goals and getting fully booked inevitable.⁣

Yes, goal planning as a coach is super important, my whole coaching program is around planning and being intentional with your goal and priorities, but this is typically what I see coaches sending all of their time on. ⁣

They plan for perfection or think if I plan “enough” I won’t have to deal with failure.⁣

This slows them down from taking action, moving forward, and actually making progress on their goals.⁣

I’ll spill the beans and tell you that there is no way to escape failure.⁣

And actually, failing, evaluating, and then making adjustments is the fastest way you will achieve your goal.⁣

Too many coaches make not making progress towards their goals, such as not getting the number of consults they want, signing clients, etc. mean that they are never going to be able to be successful.⁣

Failure means NOTHING about what you are capable of and if you will reach your end goal. It only means that if YOU decide to believe that and give up which will just guarantee that you will not reach your end goal.⁣

I see way too many coaches stop themselves from having the coaching business and creating the income they want because of this.⁣

If you are a coach who is using your current results against yourself and stopping yourself from having the coaching business you want, get on a call with me.⁣

On this call, we will set up a plan so you can think about your goal/coaching business in a way that will allow you to actually achieve the results you want while maintaining balance everywhere else in your life.⁣

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