Hey Coach- Are you not creating as many consults as you want?

Hey Coach- ⁣

If you are not creating as many consults as you want for your private practice, then you might be making this oh-so-common error.⁣

You are selling your PROGRAM in your content and not your CONSULT CALL.⁣

I want you to look back at your old content where you are making offers (posts, videos, sales pages) and see what you are actually selling. ⁣

I work with coaches daily and I see coaches who are only talking about their program and not making their consult sound extra juicy and enticing (whether they sign up with the coach or not) at least once if not more per day. ⁣

Your marketing is for you to talk about and sell your consult and your consult is for you to sell and talk about your program. ⁣

Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t talk about your program in your content but the majority should be around why it’s the BEST thing for your client to spend the 45 minutes (or however long your consult is) with you on the CONSULT. ⁣

Whether they decide to buy from you or NOT.⁣

Bottom line- Sell your consultation call (the majority of the time), not your program in your content.⁣

If you are struggling to figure out HOW to actually make your consult super juicy so you genuinely believe that it’s silly for your ideal client not to get on a call with you, then I can help you.⁣

Get on a consult with me to figure out how to do just that for YOU in your business. ⁣

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