Make More Money WITHOUT Putting In More Time for Life Coaches

We are taught to believe that if you work hard and put in a lot of hours you will be successful and create the money you want.⁣

For coaches that simply isn’t true. ⁣

Time does not produce money.⁣

I’ve seen it time and time again, coaches putting in so many hours and working really hard to produce clients and money but not seeing the results they want.⁣

They are using their time on things that are not creating value for their ideal clients and therefore won’t produce the money that they want in their business.⁣

What actually creates money is the value you produce for your clients, not the amount of time spent “working”.⁣

If you are not producing the results you want in your business, do yourself a favor and do a time audit. ⁣

See where your time is actually going. ⁣

Take a look at the actions you’re taking and see how many of them are client-producing actions and creating value for your clients.⁣

If you do this and feel like you have been putting in the time but it feels you are spinning your wheels without creating the results you want, get on a call with me.⁣

I will show you what’s holding you back from getting the clients you want in your coaching business and we’ll talk about what it looks like to work together.⁣

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