How to eliminate burnout and not by doing less…

Burnout isn’t from how much you do, it comes from your attitude when doing those things.⁣

Think about it…⁣

If burnout came from the amount of time you worked, what happened at work, or what filled your calendar then everyone would feel burnt out from those things.⁣

But, in reality, some people who do the same things as you don’t feel burnt out.⁣

How could that be possible?⁣

It’s because burnout isn’t created by those things.⁣

Burnout comes from your attitude and how you feel when you work or do the things on your calendar.⁣

This is the best news because that means that you don’t need to clear your calendar or stop working to feel less burnt out and actually get the things done that you want without feeling exhausted. ⁣

If you are tired of feeling burnt out and want to address the root cause of it so you know how to eliminate it without clearing your calendar then we need to talk.⁣

Schedule a free consult with me and on this call, we will figure out what’s causing your burnout specifically, how to change it, and get even more done possible while feeling energized. ⁣

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