Commitment = Success

We often fear not achieving our goals⁣

We dream about when it will happen, what it will be like, and then we often get caught in the dreaded HOW⁣

HOW am I going to get there?⁣

HOW will I able able to do it?⁣

HOW am I going to figure this ALL out??⁣

I’m going to tell you a secret⁣

As soon as you are 100% committed then the result is guaranteed ⁣

Once you are committed you will HAVE your goal⁣

There is a BIG difference between wanting something and committing to something ⁣

So how do you do that?⁣

You have to go back to your WHY and just make the decision to DO IT!⁣

Commit to not stopping until that goal is yours ⁣

No drama needed⁣

My brain tries to redirect me ALL of the time away from my commitment without me even noticing and MY COACH can see that instantly ⁣

⭐️That is ONE reason coaches are SO important ⁣

They can show you what you can’t see⁣

They show you what your OWN brain hides from you 🧠🧠

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