Make Progress Toward Your 12-month Goal as a Life Coach

The coaches who really make progress toward their 12-month goals are the ones who are willing to:⁣⁣
 ✅ Put in the time to get super specific on their goal, why they want it, and create a simple plan ⁣⁣

 ✅ Notice when they are going off track and are curious why so they can be aware of it in the future⁣⁣

 ✅Reframe their thoughts to create emotions that will help get them keep taking actions towards their goals ⁣⁣

 ✅Evaluate their process, celebrate what’s working and how to make changes moving forward ⁣⁣
The coaches who set a goal and forget it will not have any where close to the same success as the coach who does the above.⁣⁣
These 4 steps are the essential pieces needed to set yourself up for success with your 12 month goal. ⁣⁣
If you want help with any of these 4 steps or want to explore how you can improve in any of these areas, schedule a free consult call with me.⁣⁣
We will do just that and talk about how to work together to make your 12-month goal inevitable. ⁣⁣

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