Beauty in the Right Now

Where is the beauty in your everyday life? 🌅 

Writing down, setting, and planning goals and thinking about our future is a beautiful thing. 
BUT we cannot forget about the RIGHT NOW 

⭐️What do you have now that you once dreamed of having? 

⭐️What are you grateful for in this moment?

⭐️How are you learning and getting better each and every day? 

We often get so focused on the future and what we don’t have yet the we forget about the RIGHT NOW 
Slow it down 
Notice your everyday accomplishments 
Notice where you came from and where you are now 
Notice what is right in front of you. 

You might start noticing that those goals start showing up much quicker when you do 👌🏻 

I love doing this work with my clients. Message me for a free 45-minute session to plan out your future and your goals but also to find the beauty in your everyday life ❤️