Hey Coach

My name is Shaina and I am a Coach and Mentor for coaches who coach for someone else.

I help them be KILLER coaches, grow their private practice, and have ample relaxation time.

I do this by helping them eliminate their work burnout and imposter syndrome. 

They learn how to end their confusion spirals  and increase their confidence in their coaching skills, themselves as a coach, and grow their coaching practice.

If that sounds like something you want to do then welcome!

You are in the right place. 

In my 6 month 1-to-1 coaching program, I help coaches increase their confidence in their coaching, develop their coaching skills, strengthen their coach intuition,  grow their coaching practice AND leave space for free time.

You will learn how to not only set work, business and life goals but also how actually to achieve them.

You will work on your relationship with time so that you can feel like you have enough of it and that you are able to actually relax during your free time. (Yes you will have plenty of this!)

You will feel solid in who you are speaking to in your private practice, know your coaching framework and  know how to create your coaching clients.

Plus so much more…

After doing this work you will feel energized, confident in what you do, and fulfilled in your job, coaching business, AND life.

If you want to ditch the work burnout and overwhelm and start feeling energized, confident, and fulfilled then get on a call with me.

We will talk about how to help you do just that.

Let’s get you working towards being a KILLER coach and signing your next clients TODAY!

Client Love 💗
Shaina is truly a phenomenal coach. She always helps me make exponential leaps in my understanding. In every session, she shines a light on areas of my thinking that I have missed in my own self-coaching, and in such a beautiful way. Her questions are so insightful that I both make immediate shifts in my perception and have amazing prompts to consider and unpack over days. I so appreciate her incredible skill level, matched with such an authentic and graceful way of using it. She really is outstanding at what she does, and I am so grateful for the progress I have made working with her on my impossible goal.
Client Love 💗
From day ONE, Shaina was able to ease my fears and help me move forward! There were no excuses, just she reminded me to stay in a comfortable space to move forward slowly. Shaina is a warm, open and honest mentor who worked behind the scenes too! I'd create a post and Shaina's feedback was spot on. I know that I would not have done half the work I was able to complete with the guidance Shaina gave me! Thank you Shaina!!
Life Coach
Client Love 💗
What can I say other than Shaina is fantastic as what she does! I firmly believe that coaches need coaches. We need a mentor to keep us going to focus on our coaching skills and help us see more clearly. That is precisely what she did for me. I would highly recommend her services if you were looking for a business coaching. Look no further! Thank you, Shaina, for all the clarity and listening to my needs.
Awakening Mentor
Client Love 💗
I came to Shaina because I was getting fed up of constantly setting goals, only to have them immediately fall out of my head and never have them followed through on. She was the perfect coach to meet my squirrel brain with patience, curiosity and compassion as she gently but firmly kept me on course. In our time together I not only set, but consistently worked towards both personal and work goals. With the work goal particularly, coaching with her helped me navigate all the mind drama that (repeatedly) came up, resulting in me having my biggest financial month for almost a year. I am still benefiting from the impact of her coaching, long after our sessions finished.
Literary Agent / Life Coach
Client Love 💗
Shaina is AMAZING! She helped me prepare and pull-off my first webinar. Giving me feedback and ideas that I never would have thought of. Shaina is kind, positive, and honest. She asks thought provoking questions that help me discover ways to build a thriving business that I love.Shaina over-delivers! So appreciate the value she offers. I’ve started her “Get Fully Booked without Sacrificing Priorities”, what an incredible resource that is helping me to stay aligned to what I truly desire in my business.Love working with Shaina and highly recommend her to everyone!
Life Coach
Client Love 💗
"Shaina's approach to coaching is extraordinary. Her questions are always calm, supportive and non-judgemental - but also incredibly powerful in their ability to consistently show me my own thoughts, thought processes and beliefs. Things I didn't even know that I was thinking or believing, but that were at the root of my anxiety and self-doubt. I've just completed my first 3 months of work with Shaina, my life has improved exponentially, and I'm signing up for another 3 months without hesitation. I HIGHLY recommend you do the same."
Client Love 💗
"I had such a great session with Shania and her warmth and confidence stood out to me immediately. Shania coached me in bringing my visions into practical pieces that I could take action upon. Her questions were timely and potent in allowing me to dig deeper into the WHYs of my work, and to the women, I will bring this program to. I came away with action steps and notes to guide me as I continue with developing my program. I'm excited and can't wait to move forward...thanks to Shania, I have a clear path on how to do just that".
Breath-work Facilitator