Hey Coach

My name is Shaina and I am a Coach and Mentor for Coaches who work for someone else.

I help coaches eliminate their work burnout, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome.

If that sounds like something you want to eliminate from your life, then welcome! You are in the right place.  

In my 1-to-1 coaching program, I help coaches increase their confidence in their coaching, develop their coaching skills, strengthen their coach intuition, and help them feel more confident when it comes to all things that come to their work and job.

They learn how to not only set work and life goals but also how to actually achieve them.

We work on their relationship with time so they feel like they have enough of it and that they are able to actually relax during their free time.

Plus so much more…

After doing this work they feel energized, confident in what they do, and fulfilled in their job AND life.

If you want to ditch the work burnout and overwhelm and start feeling energized, confident, and fulfilled then get on a call with me.

We will talk about how to help you do just that.

Let’s get you working towards never feeling burnt out again!