Are you trying to lose weight for your wedding day and don’t know where to begin?

I’ve got you!

What I teach my clients is different than anything you’ve probably heard before.

There are SO many things out there promising 6 pack abs and that you will get to your goal weight in 6 weeks with a pill.

Have you tried those?

I did.

I did all the things.

Sometimes I lost the weight but then gained it back.

I was miserable.

They NEVER worked because they weren’t sustainable.

They didn’t address the REAL reason why I was overweight.

It’s taken me a VERY long time to learn what I now know.

I can honestly say I don’t have a weight struggle anymore.

I want to share this with you and as many people as possible, especially my brides.

I want to give you the relief that you will look and feel the way that they want on your big day so you can focus on what REALLY matters.

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On this call, we will discover the reason why you are at your current weight and a plan to get you to your goal.

I look forward to meeting you!

Xo, Shaina

Look and feel the way you want on your big day
so you can focus on what REALLY matters