Welcome Love

My name is Shaina and I am a Holistic Mindset Coach.

I help spiritual women go from anxious to aligned.

Together we figure out how to decrease your energy leaks,  strengthen your intuition, and harness YOUR unique strengths.

Once you learn how to use your sensitivity as your superpower and  NOT a weakness we raise EVERY aspect of your life.

Together we will address topics such as:

Your relationship with yourself

Relationships with others



Your relationship with your body

How to make decisions

Developing lasting habits 

Cleaning up physical spaces

Cleaning up mental spaces

Energy Practices 

Morning/Nigh time routines 




And so much more! 

I work with a limited number of women one on one. 

For each person, I create a personalized program that activates their own power and wisdom.

If this lights you up then we may be an excellent fit. 

Schedule a FREE soul connection call to find out.